Why I will never hire a Southampton home building contractor

Having the right home building contractor is one of the keys to get the house of your dream. If you’re planning to build or renovate a house, it’s better to collect as many information as you can before you are certain about the contractor you will choose. A good home building contractor will maintain their reputation in the local market through satisfying services and deals. And if any of you are intending to build a house in Southampton, find a reputable local contractor. There are reasons why I will never hire a Southampton home building contractor.

Lack of experiences

construction work in my homeAsk the contractor how long they have been in the business, and how many projects they have finished. You can search for some recommendation from those who just build or renovated their houses. Ask them whether they’re satisfied with the result or not. Do not get the recommendation from the contractor, because they will certainly give you the ones that will only make positive comments.

Questionable license, address, or affiliation

Never trust expensive ads because anyone now can have them as long as they have money. Avoid a Southampton building contractor whose address, license, or insurance are still questionable. A contractor who is associated in a trade affiliation is more reliable too. Verify that information, and if they fail to convince you, proceed with the next candidate.

Not using local material suppliers and subs

Local material suppliers and subs are usually easier to deal with. So, find out contractors who have a good access to the local material retailers. If they should have subs, ensure that the subs are local and as good. Therefore, you can check them directly whenever you want.

Building a house is such a big investment. Take your time and carefully select a home building contractor that is reliable and can bring you to your dream house.