How I Installed My New Garage Door

It’s not that difficult installing garage doors today as many garage-door manufacturers have released user-friendly door kits. These kits are easy to install, as long as you thoroughly read the installation instructions.

How I Installed My New Garage Door

It’s easy installing single-wide garage doors; the installation gets difficult as the garage door gets wider and heavier. On an average, an installed garage door with its hardware weighs 400 pounds.

After getting familiar with the many terms, parts list and hardware I hired a professional to remove the existing garage door as its powerful springs can injure anyone. The garage door springs are under tension when closed, like loaded weapons which is why you should not cut any cables or try taking the spring apart yourself.

So after the old door was disassembled and put away, I inspected the garage door opening’s wood frame to ensure it was in good condition without any rotting wood. All rotting wood was replaced while the garage door track was bolted to solid wood.

The door has to be level and the tracks’ bottom level and parallel for the smooth operation of the door. Wooden garage doors have to be scribed or cut and its bottom sanded before installing so that it matches the garage floor shape. I made sure the first section was perfectly level as all door sections are stacked on the first section.

I used the hardware approved by the technicians from garage door installation Sacramento. I made sure the bottom brackets at the first section’s bottom corners were securely fastened to the door and did not tighten the bolts much.

This is important as the brackets are attached to cables lifting the door and are subjected to high lifting forces and can become missiles if not attached properly. It’s thus important the overhead track be securely supported and perfectly aligned as the door may fall if it goes up wherein the track falls or door comes out of the track.

I lastly paid special attention to instructions regarding proper spring adjustment. I knew the springs were adjusted well as on lifting the door to its halfway position, it stayed there without opening or closing.

So this is how I installed my garage door!